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A global directory showcasing  a list of coaches profiles, coach courses and coach event from all industries.

It’s for those looking to find a coach, course or event in any city in the world online or in person. AT V Coach Directory we value our village and vision of supporting those creating a better future for others.


All types of coaches from every industry. If you are a spiritual coach or a business coach, all is welcome, we only require that your coaching is about helping others in a positive way without hurting or demeaning another. Our basic package offers 1 coach listing and our Featured package offers up to 3 listings

Organisations such as training companies who offer coaching services and coaching schools can also join and have their coaches represented on the directory. Our organisation package offers up to 15 featured listings.

All listings whether 1 or 15 offer an ACCOUNT OWNER/BUSINESS profile with each listing.



  • They get to search a curated list of coaches, events and courses via a trusted brand, saving time and money and getting peace of mind!
  • They experience a village vibe, enhancing value and probability of uptake
  • Extensive search function, from industry, to category, coaching style and location
  • Use of our Coach Matcher FREE service
  • Create their own favourites list for all time
  • Receive tips and coach offers via our newsletter
  • Reviews to get better insights about each coach


  • Our quality of coaches are monitored as all listings have to be approved by the V Team, so you know you are amongst a valuable group.
  • Ability to list not only your profile, but your courses and events
  • Accessible Price
  • Easy and effective search, so potential clients are a better fit
  • Update your profile at any time
  • Coach reviews to enhance the value of your profile
  • Monthly reports on visits and client/guest behaviour
  • Most cost effective way to market your business and profile, courses and events. We do this by…
    • Ongoing regular marketing campaigns on social media
    • Direct marketing to varied audience globally
    • Google advertising through Individual SEO (search engine optimisation) ie. your profile will be SEO’d by our team 
    • Google Ad campaigns
    • PR – Profiles will be included in our Press and publications campaigns

Organisations such as training companies who offer coaching services and coaching schools can also join and have their coaches represented on the directory. Our organisation package offers up to 15 featured listings.

All listings whether 1 or 15 offer an ACCOUNT OWNER/BUSINESS profile with each listing.

The benefit for Organisations (in addition to benefits for coaches as seen above) is:

Align your organisation with a brand that reflects your core values

Get involved in campaigns that will further increase your brand presence via our social and google marketing

Be part of a community to further grow your business


  • We offer coaches the ability to list their courses and events
  • Every listing has the business details in addition to the listing
  • We offer a Coaching Style search function
  • Public searching has no blocks for easy contact and access
  • High profile social presence
  • All inclusive directory
  • Community based brand values


To search, find and connect with a coach is absolutely FREE.

Yes, absolutely! There are 3 different types of monthly listing subscriptions to choose from which you can buy via credit card or Paypal

You can join as a coach for as little as $15* per month with our Basic Subscription for 1 x Listing (profile, course or event).

A Featured Subscription is $25* per month for 3 x Listings (your profile, event or course)

An Organisation Subscription is $99* per month for 15 Featured Listings (profiles, events or courses).

Every coach listing includes an Account Owner profile, description, socials and contacts.

*All Fees are in USD


Yes! We have created a Group listing of up to 10 for your team at a discount rate!

The minimal subscription offer is 1 x Listing.

A listing is a profile of a coach or a course or an event that will be included in the search function of the directory. A Basic Subscription has 1 x Listing, Featured Subscription has 3 x listings and Organisation Subscription has 15 x Listings. 

An Account Owner is not included in the main search functions, only the ‘Listings’.

Every listing includes the ability to showcase a PROFILE, EVENT or COURSE and this is the information you can include:

Featured Image
Contact Details
Social Links
Website URL
Contact Form

Each Listing also includes the Account Owner Details:
Logo, Name, Description, Contact Details & Social Media. This Account Owner profile is on the side bar of all your listings, there is a link to a list of all your listings. Account Owner Details are not searchable in the main search functions, however they appear on the side bar of each listings.

On a Featured Subscription, you get the basic listing inclusions PLUS you get listed above basic listings on the search pages, showcased on various pages on the website, social media, our VIP Newsletter, Google Ads and increased SEO’d services, share an article shared on our socials and list, discount offers from coaches, Mrs V Change Room,  and discount offers.

Go to JOIN AS A COACH on the top menu and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

You will then be redirected to the ADD LISTING page, where you choose your subscription, fill in your listing and then pay.


You can search via Category (Business, Health, Marketing, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Mindset, Career, Technology) or by Service (Consultant, Author, Speaker, Facilitator) or your Country/City from the home page or header.


Yes! This is a global coach community and it’s vital with have coaches from around the world join!


Definitely! Each listing you’ll find their contact information e.g. phone number, email address, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can cancel at anytime, just cancel your account in Account Owner Section of your dashbaord. Any problems just email us at hello@mrsv.com.au and we will remove your details as a coach or client. We do not refund once payment is made however. If you cancel, we will either run the listing out or remove it right away, whatever you request.


Scarlett Vespa is the Founder of Mrs V, which stands for Village, Value, Visibility and for Vespa. The Mrs V brand has been created to support women over 40 have a career change and build their new business. 

Mrs V is unique because it focuses on the practical and the spiritual alchemy to achieve success. Mrs V offers courses, membership, podcast, a blog, evergreen resources, LIVE events and workshops and a Coach Directory to support Coaches share the message and services with the world. Learn more about her Membership MRS V CHANGE ROOM.