How may we be of help?


It is a global coach directory including coaches of all industries and types. It will continue to grow and expand as the types of coaches join the directory.


To search, find and connect with a coach is absolutely FREE.


Yes, absolutely! There are 3 different types of listing packages you can purchase and all offer yearly payment methods via Credit Card or PayPal.


It is FREE to create an account as a client, so you can browse and create you favourite list forever and get discounts and freebies from Mrs V


It is $99 for a year for 1 x listing and for 1 x featured listing it is $150 per year in USD.


Yes! We have created a group listing of up to 10 for your team.


1 x Listing on the Mrs V Coach Directory showing your name, title, category, expertise and any contact information that you want share, including a booking link to your calendly or booking page.


On a Featured Subscription, you also get showcased on Mrs V Social platforms and go into being interviewed on Mrs V’s Podcast or as a guest on Mrs V LIVE. You also then can get a 50% discount on the Mrs V Success Membership, with access to all her courses to help your career launch and building that coach business.


Just go to CLIENT SIGN UP (which is FREE) give your name and email address and then you’ll be directed to your dashboard and search for your next coach making a FAVOURITES list as you go for the future.


You can either start by going to LIST ME and then upgrade with a package at the end of filling out your details OR buy your Package first and the create your listing as directed from your dashboard.


No unfortunately, we believe to really get the value and benefit of the subscription a year is the way to go. The yearly subscription is amazing value to showcase your coach service not only for this site, but you will be found on all the Mrs V socials and media platforms and campaigns. So for less than a coffee a month, why wouldn’t you grab your listing!


You can search via Category (Business, Health, Marketing, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Mindset, Career, Technology) or by Service (Consultant, Author, Speaker, Facilitator) or your Country/City from the home page or header.


Yes! This is a global coach community and it’s vital with have coaches from around the world join!


Definitely! Each listing you’ll find their contact information e.g. phone number, email address, Facebook, and Instagram.


You can cancel at anytime, just email us at hello@mrsv.com.au and we will remove your details as a coach or client. We do not refund once payment is made however. If you cancel, we will either run the listing out or remove it right away, whatever you request.

Scarlett Vespa is the Founder of Mrs V, which stands for Victories, Venture, Value, Visibility, Versatility and for Vespa. The Mrs V brand has been created to support women over 40 have a career change and build their new business. Mrs V is unique because it focuses on the practical and the spiritual alchemy to achieve success. Mrs V offers courses, membership, podcast, a blog, evergreen resources, LIVE events and workshops and a Coach Directory to support Coaches share the message and services with the world.